A Better Way

There was a time when the predominant question about Christianity was:

“Is it true?”

Questions about the reliability of the Bible, the science and rationality of the miracles, or resurrection dominated the conversations.

Today, however, it seems like Christianity isn’t even considered as an option by many people. Or worse, some even seem to consider Christianity to be immoral.

What I want to do over the next few weeks is ask a different question.

Instead of “Is it true?”
I want us to consider “Is it good?"

I want us to compare the way of Jesus to the ways we’ve been taught. To compare the way of Jesus to the ways of the world and even to the ways of many who call themselves Christian.

My hope is that in the end - when we consider the way of Jesus regarding humanity, justice, freedom and self-denial, that we will find that Jesus’ way is actually the best possible way.