We're so excited that you're considering being baptized! We believe that baptism is one of the ways that God chooses to show us love and grace. This isn't our idea or our church's idea, but this is God's idea. In baptism, we are given the free gift of forgiveness and adoption into God’s family.

We believe that baptism is for everyone. We are so excited to be a part of your faith journey by baptizing you or your child.

To get started, we'd love for you to take our baptism class!


Why should I be baptized?

Throughout the Bible, we see our relationship with God described as a father/child relationship. In baptism, we experience God’s adoption into his family.

The reason that we baptize is simply because Jesus commanded it. In baptism, God gives his gift of forgiveness and we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Why does Faith baptize babies?

We believe that baptism is for everyone. Throughout the Bible there are examples of people’s entire families being baptized after hearing the Gospel!

If you have kids you know that children are just as sinful and in need grace as the rest of us. God’s promises are not just for adults or for those who are able to understand.

Our relationship with God is based on him calling us child. Much like an adoption, we believe that baptism is not our doing, but something that our Heavenly Father does for us.