At Faith we truly believe that one of the best resources God has given us to be amazing parents is our community. That's why we want you to join one of our Parent Small Groups.

In these groups, made up of parents in similar phases, you'll have opportunities to connect with others and to grow in your faith and your parenting.

Get Connected

Some conversations aren’t weekly conversations, but they are critical conversations in the life of your child.

Partnering With Parents will happen on Wednesday Nights from 6:30-8:00pm in the chapel and will help encourage you as a parent in these critical conversations.

Upcoming Partnering With Parents:
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More Resources

If every family had one conversation a week about the faith of their kids, our kids would grow significantly in their faith. The problem is that as parents we run out of time. Having these conversations doesn’t need to be a burden though, it can be practical and possible.

Phase Nights

Looking for resources from our Phase Nights? Click below to download one of our Phase Maps.

Click Here for the Technological Responsibility map.

Click Here for the Authentic Faith map.

Click Here for the Sexual Integrity map.

Parent Cue

As a parent, this app will give you tools to have conversations that match what your kids are talking about in their small group every week. Plus the conversations will be tailored to the phase your kids in and the rhythms of your life.

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Intentional Parenting (Video Class with Autumn and Joe)

In this 6 week video class, we will be digging into key parenting ideas about being present, connected, leading, and teaching our children. Autumn Casiglia will be unpacking key ideas from both the Bible and latest brain research about building strong relationships.

Click here to watch our Intentional Parenting Class.

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