It’s just a phase. As parents, every phase can be uniquely challenging and be uniquely exciting. In every phase the conversations, the relationships, the development, and the faith of your kid changes. We also believe that every parent wants to be a better parent. As a church, we want to partner with parents and help that become a reality.

We believe the best thing for a parent is to be connected with other parents. When parents connect with other parents in similar phases, it helps parents be encouraged that they are not alone and helps them to be more intentional in their own home.


If every family had one conversation a week about the faith of their kids, our kids would grow significantly in their faith. The problem is that as parents we run out of time. Having these conversations doesn’t need to be a burden though, it can be practical and possible.


As a parent, this app will give you tools to have conversations that match what your kids are talking about in their small group every week. Plus the conversations will be tailored to the phase your kids in and the rhythms of your life.

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As a parent, there are certain conversations that aren’t weekly conversations, but they are critical conversations that should happen repeatedly in the life of your child. We’ve created phase nights to encourage you as a parent in these critical conversations and to help you connect with other parents who are trying to have the same conversations. Phase Nights will happen from 6:30-8pm in the Chapel.

Dates to be announced

If you’d like some advance info about what we’ll talk about,

we’ve got three different maps based on these three Phase Nights.

Click Here for the Technological Responsibility map.

Click Here for the Authentic Faith map.

Click Here for the Sexual Integrity map.



Looking for some help with your kids?

We've got a variety of resources to help you navigate how to handle technology with your kids.

Soon we'll have more resources to help you navigate conversations about Authentic Faith and Sexual Integrity.