Life can be hard and we want to help.

If you're struggling with your emotional or mental health, we've created this page to be a resource for you to request prayer, get connected to other people, and engage with content that is life giving.

If you live in Metro-Detroit, we also have a list of recommended counselors in the area. You'll also find a list of questions to ask a potential counselor when you're looking for someone you can trust.

Support Groups

Healing happens best in the context of loving, supportive relationships.
Life is not easy and we all go through hard seasons.

Restoration starts with getting support.

Counselors We Trust

When you decide it is time to take the next step, there are many challenges to finding a Christian counselor that you connect with.

Consider making a list of things you need to address and be prepared with a few questions to determine if you think the counselor will be a good fit.

  • What training have you received in working with clients struggling with __________?
  • If you are a Christian, how do you integrate your faith in your practice?
  • Are you more directive (cognitive-behavioral) or non-directive (supportive) in your approach?
  • Do you take my insurance? Will you use a sliding scale fee?
  • It is important to consider your expectations and your financial needs as you look for a fit. Once you start counseling, give it at least four session to build rapport.

    (Attaining counselor information from this site acknowledges the release of liability from any claim, or litigation whatsoever involving Faith.)

    Crisis Calls

    If a crisis hits our Faith family wants to be there for you, we can pray for you and connect you with area resources. (248) 689-4664

    If you need help immediately:

  • Common Ground Hotline | (800) 231-1127
  • National Crisis Hotline | (800) 273-8255