Our Team

Meet our team

We're so thankful to have a staff that is dedicated to building our community and sharing the love of Jesus with our church.

Feel free to email any of our staff by clicking on their photo.

Joe Casiglia

Senior Pastor

Tony Boos

Outreach Pastor

RJ Grunewald

NextGen Pastor

Harry Krupsky

Director of Family Life

Deedee Davis

Worship Leader

Matt Kunkel

Director of Worship

Erin Boos

Worship Leader

Emily Kot

Senior Adult Ministry

Laurie Guidry

NextGen Admin

Kristin Frank

Childcare Director

Keri Elliott

Preschool Director

Debbie Ellinger

Elementary Large Group Director

Jordan Gerjekian

Elementary Large Group Minister

Alyssa Waddell

Elementary Small Groups Minister

Kali Schmitz

Preschool Ministry Leader

Jeff Olson

Faith Sports Director

Dave Frank

Director of Community and Men's Ministry

Eric Ferrel

College/Mens Minister

Sam Franjione

Director of Student Ministry

Lindsey Hodge

Student/Young Adult Minister

Autumn Casiglia

Adult Ministry Director

Erin Roenicke

Care Minister and Adult Ministry Admin

John Hurley

Production Coordinator

Corey Grunewald

Director of Communications

Nick Rastigue

IT Director

Kellie Traugott

Office Manager

Tom Meier

Facilities Team Leader