It's time for our annual For Campaign! Over the past two years you've raised over $60,000 for non-profits in our community.

There are two parts of our For Campaign: Giving and Sponsoring.

For the giving component, we're asking for a gift of $19.95 that will go to benefit House of Hope, Trinity Community Care, and Base Camp.

For the sponsorship component, we have two opportunities for sponsoring a child this year. One is through Christmas gifts through Gifts For All God's Children and the other is through a long term sponsorship of a child in Guatemala through HopeChest.

Click on the ministry names below for more info on the ministry, to give, or to sponsor a child!

Trinity Community Care

Trinity Community Care is a Gold Rated, free medical and dental clinic located in Shelby Township, which was started by a group of doctors, dentists and nurses from Faith and other area churches.

Who had a passion for using their gifts and talents on the mission field in places like Haiti and Brazil. And so they decided to bring that passion, along with their gifts and talents into our local community and do, the same thing. 

Because they believe that Jesus did not call us to retreat from the pain and suffering of this world, but to enter it.

House of Hope

House of Hope’s vision is to see families living in mobil home communities reach their full potential through the love and acceptance of Jesus.
House of Hope is located in Oxford, and is lead by two amazing women, Brooke and Alyssa, who live in the community they minister too.

They operate a tutoring program, a student ministry for kids within the community. They help with food and home repair for the families in the community who are in need.

Base Camp

Basecamp is an experience that more than 300 men from Faith have taken part in, where men get the opportunity to hear another man’s life story, that is real, raw and redemptive. That’s the part many of us are familiar with, but it’s only half of the story.
Basecamp is a non-profit who’s ultimate goal is to help men see God’s story of redemption in the midst of their story of brokenness.
Brokenness that is a result of pornography, addictions, affairs, and anything else that men use to hide. They believe that if families and communities are going to be healthy, then men need to be healthy.

They do this through a series of day long events, lead by counselors, psychologists and other professionals, all focused on helping men discover their true identity in Jesus.


At Children’s HopeChest, we empower orphaned and impoverished children and their communities through relationships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability.

Our unique Community-to-Community model connects communities in the U.S. and Canada to communities overseas with a high population of orphaned and impoverished children.

We seek to bring lasting, positive transformation to those we serve, and in turn, our communities in North America are impacted as well.

To sponsor a child, click here.

Gifts For All God's Children

Gifts For All God’s Children Mission is to meet needs and share the love of Christ with at-risk children in Southeast Michigan. We accomplish this by connecting children with churches and community organizations, giving gifts, and planning events.

If you would like to help a child in need this Christmas by providing gifts through our partnership with churches and organizations in Detroit, Oxford, and the Upper Peninsula then please register here.

We're so thankful that you are participating in building the reputation of the Church in the community.

To give your $19.95, click the Give Now button below.