The Old Testament | Patterns & Cycles
Lindsey Hodge   -  

Read This
God keeps loving you no matter how often you repeat the same mistakes. 

Remember This
“But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.” Psalm 86:15

Think About This
The story of the Old Testament is the story of people who followed God and then walked away from Him. And then did that again. And again. And again. They repeated the same mistakes over and over, but God kept forgiving them.

Morning Time Parent Cue
Just like God calls Gideon “Mighty Warrior” despite how little he believes it, it is who God says he is. Write a note for your kids and put it somewhere they will see it and give them a name that tells them who God says they are. (eg: mighty warrior, outrageously loved, joy-bringer)

Meal Time Parent Cue
Have everyone in your family share their biggest pet peeves? How does it make them feel when people do stuff like that over and over again?

Bed Time Parent Cue
Read Judges 6. What are some things that you notice about the story of Gideon? Some things you might point out to your kids: “The Israelites did evil”… but God continued to love them. Or in verse 13, Gideon asks, “if God is with us, why did this happen?” Have you ever had questions like that?

Or even cooler, in verse 12, notice how Gideon responds when God calls him a mighty warrior.