Stories From Jesus | Salt & Light
Joe Casiglia   -  

Discussion Questions:

1. If you are a follower of Jesus, think about a time when a person or a group of people impacted or influenced you by being salt and light.

2. Sometimes religious people will use this section of Scripture to defend rude or offensive behavior. Read Mark 10:45. Why does that kind of behavior contradict what Jesus is teaching us in this familiar story?

3. Is there a person in your life that you can be salt and light to in a positive way? What is one thing you could do in the next week to help connect the dots for that person, between how you live and the God that you serve?

4. At the end of the message Joe shared another question with all of us asked us to start personally asking the question; ‘In my current situation or circumstance what is most honoring to my Heavenly Father?’ Are you willing to at least start to ask yourself that question?