Stories From Jesus | Judge Who?
Joe Casiglia   -  

Discussion Questions:

1. Can you remember a time when your first impression of someone was wrong? How did what you learned later change your relationship with that person?

2. Is there a group or type of person that is most easy for you to judge? What is it that makes it easy for you to want to judge them?

3. When you size others up, do you tend to write them off (condemn them) or walk away (avoid their problems)?

4. Is there a time that some one tried to approach you, but you refused to listen? Do you think that they were out for your good? If so, would you be willing to reconsider what they said, even if it wasn’t said in the best way?

5. Who is one person you need to stop writing off or walking away from? What is one thing you can do this week to put aside judgment and love that person?