Signs + Wonders | John 11
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This is the third week of our Faith Troy at Home experience (March 28)

*Please note that we are following Stay-at-Home and social distancing orders and will continue to do so. The worship sets from this service were recorded prior to the implementation of the Stay-at-Home orders put out by our local government.

This week we’re finishing our Signs + Wonders sermon series with a message on John 11
Bottom Line: Jesus calls us out the grave.

What’s one thing from today’s message that challenged you? What’s one thing that gave you hope?

What are some ways that you have looked for someone to blame in the midst of the unknown?

We can choose to look for where God isn’t or where God is – what makes it so challenging to find God in moments of crisis? Where have you seen God in this past week?

Read John 11:38-44. What’s a miracle that you are praying for Jesus to do right now?

What are some ways that you are tempted to cope with the darkness of the grave rather than live in the light of the resurrection?

What do you want to leave behind right now so that you can truly live?