Same God | Seeing Jesus
Tony Boos   -  

Have you ever heard someone, or maybe you have said this:

“Why does it seem like the God described in the Old Testament is full of wrath and law and Jesus in the New Testament is all about love and grace?”

How would you respond? Learn more about how to answer that question. I want you to also hear why it is so essential as followers of Jesus to speak God’s word of Law and of Grace to one another! 
Go Deeper

Questions for your small group discussion or personal study:

  1. From the Old Testament, what image or person points you to Jesus the most?
  2. In the New Testament Jesus says “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Mt. 5:48  How do you accomplish that?
  3. If you knew of a friend who was really struggling and ashamed and sorry for their sin, what verse from the Bible would you choose to speak to him or her?