Regret to Restoration | Living With No Regrets
Tony Boos   -  

Fads and trends influence us

Realizing how much of our lives are controlled by outside forces can
cause inner grief or sorrow of the soul.

King Solomon’s inner grief led him to the conclusion:

“Everything is meaningless” (Ecclesiastes 12:8)

Do you ever question what you have been doing with your life and
where your life is going?

2 Corinthians 7:8-11

Worldly Sorrow v Godly Sorrow

If the story of your life is being authored by someone other than God,
it is meaningless.

God offers restoration. A new life with purpose and fulfillment.

Living as a Christian means being regret-free, certain of the 100%
realities of troubles & peace, and being restored! Praise God!!

Questions for group discussion:

1) What fads have you gotten caught up in? Any that you regret?

2) What are your experiences with worldly sorrow and godly sorrow?

3) What areas of your life need restoration? Will you take time to talk with the Lord and ask Him to restore you?