Palm Sunday 2020
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This is the fourth week of our Faith Troy at Home experience (April 5)

*Please note that we are following Stay-at-Home and social distancing orders and will continue to do so. The worship sets from this service were recorded prior to the implementation of the Stay-at-Home orders put out by our local government.

This week we’re entering into Holy Week with a Palm Sunday Message.

Bottom Line: Jesus brings the Kingdom into us as it is in heaven.

What’s one thing from today’s message that challenged you? What’s one thing that gave you hope?

Why do you think Jesus, in our current cultural moment, might not be who people are expecting might give them hope?

What kingdoms of this world (in you or around you) does Jesus threaten when he arrives as king?

What images come to your mind when you think of a warrior-king? How does Jesus go against the typical imageS?

If you were to imagine Jesus singing to you, what song comes to your mind right now? What might that song teach you about him?