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Love Like Jesus: “Letting Go of Anger
Ephesians 4:26-32
v.26 “In your ANGER do not SIN.”
v.26 “Be ANGRY. Do not SIN.”
What do you DO with what you feel?
v.26 “Be ANGRY. Do not SIN. Do not let the sun go down WHILE you are still angry.”
Eventually, UNRESOLVED anger is going to cause you to sin.
When we allow the sun to set on our unresolved hurts, we can very easily FORGET the SOURCE of our anger and our frustration.
v.27 “And do not GIVE the DEVIL a FOOTHOLD.”
Free flowing anger is ALWAYS HARMFUL to relationships.
There’s a place for ANGER, but you’ve got to keep it in it’s PLACE.
v.31 “Get RID of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.”
The temptation is to get stuck with BLAME.
v.32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another and FORGIVING each other JUST AS in Christ, God FORGAVE you.
‘To forgive’ = ‘To PARDON’
A pardon = You are GUILTY. But you DON’t have to PAY.
Forgiveness breaks the power of ANGER in your life, and it is the ONLY thing that does.
First Step: Make a LIST of what they OWE you.
Decide: I am forgiving _________________ just as through Jesus, God forgave, ME.
Discussion Questions:
1.   Are you someone who typically resolves anger quickly, or do you have trouble letting it go?
2.   Can you think of a situation where you’ve seen someone else’s inability to let go of the past negatively affect them in the present?
3.   Who is one person you need to forgive, not necessarily for their benefit but for your future?