What is Lamenting? | When God Goes Dark
Tony Boos   -  


We often ask, “how long?!”
What does LAMENT mean? & What causes it?
Lamenting is healthy for our faith!
God wants to hear us express how we are feeling & what we are thinking.
It is healthy to acknowledge the suffering, the sin, the problems of this world and the pain the devil causes!
Psalm 13
“Lament is a prayer of pain that leads to trust.”  Mark Vroegop
As followers of Jesus, in this place and time in history, we really don’t lament. Here are 3 possible reasons why: American activism, Modern Cynicism & Fear.
Lamenting to God isn’t a sign of weakness, it is an act of faith.
If you don’t lament to Him, your faith, your trust & your relationship with Him won’t grow.
Practical steps on how to lament
1.     Direct your conversation of sorrow to God.
2.     Describe your suffering and your pain.
3.     Speak words of faith in Him.
In times when life is dark, when circumstances are dark, when it seems even God is dark… when we are waiting… we need to pour out our lament to God and remember that our eternal hope is secure.