Joy In Serving | Unstoppable Joy
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Philippians 2 – Joy in serving
Joy is = a cheerful state of being
Philippians 2
verses 1 & 2
be like-minded with each other and be loving
Paul’s joy increases
verses 3-5
how to show love
verses 6-11
we are to bear a resemblance to Jesus’ humility
verses 12 & 13
God started the good work of faith in us & He is in an ongoing process with each follower of Jesus, growing and maturing us (“working out our salvation”)
verses 14-16
our godly behavior is noticed by others
verses 16-18
Paul, as a pastor, sacrifices himself for their good. Their faith gives him joy.
verses 19 to 30
Two wonderful examples of men who have joy in serving Jesus
1) Timothy
2) Epaphroditus
How can we have joy in serving?
True joy, that cheerful state of being, down deep is from Jesus alone.
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