Joy In Faith | Unstoppable Joy
Tony Boos   -  

Joy in Faith
Joy is: a cheerful state of being (not the same as happiness)
Philippians 3 (pg. 1,828)
verse 1 Rejoice in the Lord!
verse 2  Paul is angry about a situation happening in the Philippian church.
verses 3-6 None of the religious benefits the Jews had should cause them to be boastful or overconfident. Only faith in Jesus gives us confidence & joy.
verses 7-9  Paul’s Jewish credentials & privileges don’t matter to him anymore.
What gives our life meaning and purpose?  What might be hindering our relationship with Jesus?
Nothing else can give us meaning and true, lasting joy but our identity as a child of God.
What is ‘faith’?
a gift from God and the means to all the spiritual blessings God gives
verses 10-11 Paul is focused on resurrection.
verses 12-14 Admittedly not perfect yet, Paul tells how he is being made more holy each day & heaven is our goal.
verses 15-21 Focused on heaven… our “citizenship is in heaven” / “we eagerly await a Savior from there- the Lord Jesus Christ”.
May the Lord increase our joy in faith!!