Joy In All Circumstances | Unstoppable Joy
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“Unstoppable Joy”
Philippians 1
Philippians is sometimes nicknamed “the epistle of joy”
The words ‘joy’ or ‘rejoice’ were written by Paul ______ times in this book
Joy is a cheerful state of being.
Joy is not the same as happiness.
Happiness depends on what happens to you, on your current circumstances.
Joy is found in Jesus. It is a deep sense of divine favor.
Joy is a fruit of the Spirit of God in us.
Joy is not an intellectual decision or an idea.
Joy is given by the __________________.
Joy is also a virtue that we are commanded to practice.
Philippians 1
Verses 1-6: Paul prays with joy for the Christians in the city of Philippi.
Verses 7-11: Paul explains what he prays for.
Verses 12-13: He doesn’t want his friends to be discouraged that he is a prisoner.
Verses 14-18: Paul rejoices – even while in prison.
Verses 19-26: Paul’s personal reflections on being in jail… He offers his life to God.
We see Paul having Joy in all ______________________!
Verses 27-29: Paul’s encouragement to stand firm in persecution.