Hope For Battles | Embracing Hope Rejecting Fear
Tony Boos   -  

“Hope through Battles” – Revelation 12
Biblical hope is a well-grounded expectation of what God has promised.
Overall guidance for reading chapters 4-22:
John is given visions that depict our present age from different vantage points. He uses symbolic language while portraying parallel visions.  “recapitulation”
Chapter 12 clearly shows the ongoing spiritual and unseen war between God & Satan.
·        –Verses 1-6 Satan wanted to destroy Jesus on earth. God was victorious though!
·        –Verses 7-9 Such a clear cosmic war description! Again, Who is the winner?
·        –Verse 10 Messiah, Jesus has the authority. Satan no longer has the ability to accuse Christians in God’s presence.
·        –Verse 11 Jesus’ blood, His sacrifice of His life on the cross brought triumph. The “word of their testimony” brings more believers into God’s family.
·        –Verse 12a The eternal victory causes rejoicing.
·        –Verses 12b-13  “the woman” = the church / all believers. Satan already lost to God, so he goes after Christians.
·        –Verses 14-17 God cares for His people and provides them with protection from Satan’s attacks.
·        –Verse 18 We have the ultimate victory in Jesus. Believers will “keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.”
We have a solid hope we can hang onto… promises from God that He listens, He is with us, He cares, He provides, He is good, He is reigning now and He will reign victorious for eternity!
Our future is certain. We can have hope through our battles on earth – with our eyes set on heaven.