Maundy Thursday
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*Please note that we are following Stay-at-Home and social distancing orders and will continue to do so. The worship sets from this service were recorded prior to the implementation of the Stay-at-Home orders put out by our local government.

This week we’re continuing our way through Holy Week with a Maundy Thursday message.

Bottom line: Jesus gives his life so that we might hear him speak.

What in your life is currently making it difficult to hear God’s voice?

What are some spiritual practices that are most helpful for you in hearing God?

If you were to imagine Jesus showing up at your house in the midst of COVID-19, what do you think he would say? (Go with the first thing that comes to mind that encourages you or your family).

How does what you imagine Jesus to say bring peace or joy or hope?

Do you think of answering those last questions as hearing God’s voice? Why or why not?

Note: Jesus can speak to us through our minds and imaginations to remind us of who he is and what he does. Take comfort in what Jesus is speaking to you.