A Message For Everybody | FOR
Joe Casiglia   -  

This weekend was the first week of our annual FOR Campaign!

Every year you’ve made such a huge difference in the lives of people in our community, and I am so thankful that the heart of our church reflects the heart of Jesus.

FOR 2023: “A Message for Everybody”

Romans 3:21-25

There is another message that is even more POWERFUL and more life CHANGING.

We believe this message is FOR EVERYBODY!

Romans 3:21-25  (p. 1,750)

v.21 “But now a RIGHTEOUSNESS from GOD apart from the LAW has been made known, to which the LAW and the PROPHETS testify.”

v.22 “This righteousness from God comes THROUGH FAITH in JESUS Christ to ALL who believe, there is no DISTINCTION.”

v.23 “Because all have SINNED, and fall short of the GLORY of God,”

There is a PERFECT that NOBODY, is.

v.24 “ and all are JUSTIFIED FREELY, by His GRACE though the redemption that came by CHRIST JESUS.”

v.25 “God received Him as a SACRIFICE of ATONEMENT, through faith in Jesus’  blood.”

Our FOR Campaign is our annual celebration of generosity, where each year we come together to do corporately for our community, what our Heavenly Father has done for each of us individually, through Jesus!

We do this by helping to fund non-profits in our community that focus on: hunger, medical care, housing, human trafficking, education, family stabilization and community health.

There are 3 Parts to our annual FOR Campaign:

Give | Every person give $19.95

Sponsor | Sponsor a child for Christmas with Gifts For All God’s Children

Serve Serve | Attend One. Serve One. Sunday November 26 at both services

100% of money that is donated to our FOR Campaign is given away to our community!