Father’s Day | Works in Advance
Dave Frank   -  

– What have you enjoyed most about the last three months or so of not having to rush around from one thing to the next like maybe you normally have to?
– What are some of your favorite activities you’ve done over the years that have involved serving God through your community?
– When you hear that God loves you so much that he’s prepared works in advance for you to do, how does that make you feel?
– Which part of the Micah 6:8 verse do you struggle with the most?  Acting justly, loving mercy, or walking humbly?
– Who in your family do you think excels in one of these areas?  Take the time to let them know.
– What is one thing you can do this week to practice one of these three things God requires of us?
– Do you remember a time when you were given justice, mercy, or humility from someone else?
– Was that easy to receive from them?
– How should receiving any of these translate to how you treat others?