Doubt in the Dark | When God Goes Dark
Joe Casiglia   -  

When God Goes Dark: “Doubts”

Questions in life often come FASTER than answers.

What do you do with your DOUBT?

God’s silence does not equate to His ABSENCE. It does not mean He does not CARE. It does not mean He is angry with you.

When it feels like God has gone dark, one of the first things I do is look to the Scripture to see if there is ANYONE whose circumstance is similar to MINE.

“Jesus Christ is the SAME yesterday, today and forever.”       Hebrews 13:8
When it feels like God has gone dark we wonder:

God, WHERE are you?                  Do you KNOW my name?

Do you LOVE me?                           Do you CARE about what’s happening to me?

Mark 6:19-20

v.19 “Herodias nursed a grudge against John and wanted to KILL him.”
v.20 “But she was not able to because Herod feared John and protected him, knowing him to be a RIGHTEOUS and HOLY man.”
John begins to have what we have, when things are bad, times goes by and nothing changes. He begins to have DOUBTS.

Matthew 11:2-6  
v.2 “When John hear in prison what Jesus was doing, he sent his disciples to ask Jesus, Are YOU the one who was to come, or should we expect SOMEONE ELSE?”
When YOU go through a hard time, I PRAY. But when I go through a hard time, I DOUBT. Why is that?

In a season of life that is very traumatic, we tend to shrink down to the size of ME.
v.4 “Jesus replied, Go back and report to John what YOU HEAR and what YOU SEE.”
v.6 “Blessed is the PEROSN who does not FALL AWAY on account of ME.”
Your personal CIRCUMSTANCES are not the way you determine how God FEELS about you. The proof of how God feels about you is what happened on the CROSS.

Your UNANSWERED prayer doesn’t mean God is UNINTERESTED.

Look back and REMEMBER. Look outside your circumstances and REFLECT.