Six Practical Ways to Prepare for Commitment | Finding Vs Becoming
Joe Casiglia   -  

This weekend we’re continuing our series Finding Vs. Becoming with a message on how to prepare for commitment. I’m so excited about this message because I think it will be super practical for anyone who wants to be married one day! Of course, if you’re already married, don’t worry… this will be helpful for you as you seek to improve your marriage every day!

We’ll be talking about six practical assignments that you can implement now to help you keep the commitments you’ll make one day in the future!

Go Deeper

Questions for your small group discussion or personal study.

1. Can you remember a situation where you made a well intentioned promise, but couldn’t follow through? (athletic, academic, professional, etc)

2. Joe said, ‘Marriage was not designed to fix things.’ Do you agree or disagree? What is it about marriage that magnifies the good and the bad of relationships?

3. When you think about these six specific ways to prepare for your future relationship, which is the easiest for you, and which is the hardest, and why?


Book Recommendations:

Healthy Me, Healthy Us: Your Relationships Are Only as Strong as You Are by Les and Leslie Parrott